Expression of the continuous change and the cycle of rebirth inherent in nature, the handcrafted lamps of the Momentum line are inspired by the powerful symbolism of the rose windows present throughout Europe and restore the sense of movement starting from the perfection of the circle, the functionality of the wheel, the uninterrupted circularity of life.
Symmetrical motifs thus crystallize in their harmonic forms, to create new geometries of light to weave on the glass.
A modern interpretation with a contemporary design that does not neglect the more ancient nature of the oculus of the rose window, of the eye that lets in light with its rays to illuminate any room.
The lamps of the Momentum line are inspired by particular Mediterranean rose windows, isolated in their most fascinating essence.
An inspiration that sinks into that aura of mystery that has always been linked to ancestral symbols, to man's attempts to give meaning to the harmony between heaven and earth.
Each rose window ideally detaches itself from its facade and finds in this line a humble material in which it can once again shine as a rose of symbols and a labyrinthine mandala.
The lamps are handmade thanks to an innovative artistic technique that hinges on the deep knowledge of glass and on an original, patient application of the bas-relief, according to a patent conceived and created using tools that we have specially designed. From the design of the weaving to the manipulation of the material, the process is long and requires, with extreme dedication, the care of every gesture.
An eternal moment
which is renewed in the light
The perfection of an instant
that illuminates the ages
The harmony of a glow
that defies time

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