Vibrant essence of a contemporary Sicily that rethinks its plural and multicultural roots, Siciliae is the first born among the lines of Lucisterrae handcrafted lamps.
The exclusive lamps of this line, completely handmade, are a tribute to the multifaceted inspirations of the territory in which they are born: the city of Modica and South-East Sicily, a UNESCO heritage site. A line that brings together two souls, Baroque and Strata, in a harmonic and refined synthesis, recalling the double identity of this territory, always stretched between the impeccable Baroque magnificence and the vivacity of the stratifications that meet among the urban mazes.
The history of the County can be summed up in one key word: stratification.
Geology, architecture, history, language, food, tradition: everything carries within it a multiplicity of stories, influences, contaminations. Phoenicians, Greeks, Byzantines, Normans, Arabs, Spaniards have engraved, modeled, rewritten chapters of culture that have been mixing, superimposing, stratifying precisely.
And everyone has left us his legacy, a sign among the palaces, the balconies, the churches, a twine of the neighborhoods, the cultured and the popular soul.
The design of the decorations of my table lamps starts from this concept: a targeted search for decorative elements that evoke the architecture of the Val di Noto, synthesized in a unique texture capable of describing this wonderful territory.
The lamps are handmade thanks to an innovative artistic technique that hinges on the deep knowledge of glass and on an original, patient application of the bas-relief, according to a patent conceived and created using tools that we have specifically designed. From the design of the weaving to the manipulation of the material, the process is long and requires, with extreme dedication, the care of every gesture.
Elegant light, with refined warmth
Energetic light, with a contemporary character

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