With head and heart, a craftsman always leaves a piece of himself in each work.
My job is to weave a different embroidery on the nude material every day to slowly transform it into lamps with an unmistakable design: a collection of unique pieces that I want to be destined to transform themselves into characterizing and long-lasting furnishing accessories.
I was born and raised in Modica, in the shadow of the baroque facades symbol of the Val di Noto.
Throughout my life I have absorbed in my eyes rigor and perspectives, shapes and intuitions, always mixing them with an artist-craftsman nature, with an irreducible interest for matter, for its plasticity and its potential.
My studies have allowed me, since I was little, to explore the possibilities of technical drawing, to interpret every idea and every suggestion with millimeter precision.
Since my gaze and my hands have been captured by glass, I have transformed it into my favorite expressive tool to create lines of great value, designed in a functional way and with a strong aesthetic personality.
Glass allows me to bring together the experience of a long training in craft production, careful study and the continuous search for beauty, an essential combination that makes each of my creations fruitful.
As a function of this work, I redesigned the spaces and protocols of my laboratory, building myself some of the tools that were necessary for me to transform the dream into reality, the creative imagination into an object.
A now profound knowledge of the subject and the extreme dedication to which this project calls me, guide me step by step, one gesture after another.

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